bowerbird aesthetics

A pair of pied butcherbirds deliver prey to their nestlings. © Robert Inglis.

A pied butcherbird at the nest. © Robert Inglis.

pied butcherbirds

Satin bowerbird bowers.

Western bowerbird bowers.

Great bowerbird bowers.

An 1848 drawing of the pied

butcherbird by English ornithologist

and bird artist John Gould.

A 1922 drawing of the pied butcherbird by Danish naturalist and artist Henrik Gronvold.

Delphine calls in her pied butcherbirds for a

feed on Magnetic Island (right).

The home movie "Butcherbird auditioning to join the band" shows Steve singing and playing guitar while a bird vocalizes at his front door.

Steve writes: "One the video of the bird demanding breakfast, you will hear the very worst rendition of Blackbird ever." (Not so, and made all the more fascinating by this interspecies encounter.

Alan Turpie's novel solution to repel swooping birds.